One comment on “Tony Dungy, Michael Sam

  1. I am a big fan of Tony Dungy! I met him as a young wide-eyed punk college freshman on a stint in Minnesota for a summer football prgram in Minnesota. Dungy was the Defensive Coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings 92-95. I meet him summer of 93, before I left for Waco, TX. (Baylor University Coach Chuck Reedy) The man that you see on TV is the same man that I got to see and know in Minnesota for a week. He’s very poignant, he’s a truthful person, he’s precise, and most of all he cares about his players. So when he said that his comments were taken out of context and that he should have used a better selection of words, that is him being truthful and honest. Dungy is a man of conviction, and what he said about Michael Sams is what every General Manager (except for the St. Louis Rams) in the National Football League wanted to say about the Sam’s situation. Sams is going to be a distraction to the team, and the players. The media is going to make this a circus event each and every week that he is still with the organization. The publicity is going to be great for the Rams Organization, as they stay on the top ESPN SportsCenter every day, and on NFL network. You can’t help but turn the TV on now to sports channels and not hear anything about the Michael Sams Project. Yes, Michael Sams is going to down play this and everything that Dungy has said to the media. Why, because he wants to make the team, and he doesn’t want to make this more than what it is. A FREAK SHOW. To bad to that Mr. Sams it already is a freak show my friend. Christian, I agree with you 100% this man is an NBC TV Analyst, he gets paid thousands of dollars to tell you the truth about whats going on every Sunday afternoon and night. We tune into NBC, CBS, ESPN, and FOX to listen Sports Analyst all the time, but this one analyst gives his opinion and we jump all over him because he choose his words politely enough, but not up to the standards that meet with gay rights movement. This country was founded on the principle that every man has the right to say and think what he or she feels is true to their SELF BELIEFS. This is a sad day in American Sports when we decided to turn against the sports analyst. You might be thinking that your good old friend is anti gay? NO, let me stop you there my friend! I am anti-dumb! I think that every man or woman has the right to be what ever they want to be, as long as you don’t push what your thoughts are on to my family. I support you and your cause, but don’t sell your antics to my children. What you do behind closed doors is your personal business, it has nothing to do with the out side public. If you choice to be that way, I’m happy for ya. I know Tony Dungy is a man of faith, and character and he will get pass this as anyone should, but to put that man on blast for speaking his opinion is WRONG!

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